Best Advice To Extend Lifespan Of A Cell Phone Battery

How To Extend Average Lifespan Of A Cell Phone Battery

Smartphones have become the need of everyone in today’s time, whether to run Facebook or watch videos in mobile or search anything as if it is not possible without mobile.

Every smartphone user has the same complaint from their phone that the battery of the phone is discharged quickly.  In this case, the user either walks with a separate power bank to charge the phone or always keeps a charger with him.  But it is not possible to keep power bank and charger with it all the time.  In such a situation, what should the user do so that the battery of his phone remains for a long time.

 If you want to extend the average lifespan of a cell phone battery, so we are going to give you some tips that can help you to extend the battery life to a great extent on your smartphone.

Best Advice To Extend Lifespan Of A Cell Phone Battery

For iOS: How To Increase Average Lifespan of A Cell Phone Battery

1. Turn off the Notifications that you don’t need.

So Notifications are those little pop-ups that appear on your iPhone from time to time.Now, Notifications can sometimes be good,like text messages. We want to find out when people are sending us text messages, so we’ll leave Notifications on for that.However, there are other apps that may be alerting you and they don’t need to be.

For Notifications to work, however, that app needs to be running in the background of your iPhone, just to pay attention to whether it needs to alert you. So by turning off Notifications for apps that don’t need to alert you from time to time, you’re gonna save battery life

2. Turn off your iPhone once per week.

Your iPhone is a computer. It’s a little tiny computer that you carry around in your pocket. If you were to leave a computer on that’s plugged into the wall forever, it would slow down eventually. It’s important to turn off your computer and turn it on every once in a while. Same thing goes for your iPhone. Shutdown your iPhone at least once in a week will improve the performance of your iPhone.

3. Keep your iPhone cool.

Apple designed the iPhone to function most efficiently between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When you start to go above 95 or below 32, you can run into problems.

To maintain average lifespan of a cell phone battery, don’t leave your iPhone in hot car. You should know that extreme heat can damage your iPhone battery permanently.

And that’s no good. Cold temperatures, however, will drain your iPhone battery temporarily, but it won’t cost any permanent damage. It will come back to life as soon as it warms up. So be especially careful about hot temperatures as this can cause your phone to explode.

4. Auto-lock should turned on

Auto-lock is a feature that turns off the iPhone screen after a certain amount of time. If you don’t have it turned on, your iPhone screen can stay on forever in your pocket. That’s no good. Not at all. How do we turn it off?

  • Let’s tap back to General in the upper left-hand corner, and back to Settings.
  • Then scroll down to Display & Brightness, and then here we’ll see auto-lock.

5. Turn on reduce motion

Now the visual effects on your iPhone; and any gamer will tell you this; are one of the primary reasons why iPhone batteries die so fast. Your iPhone is a computer, as I said before, and it has a little graphics processor inside. And that’s what’s responsible for all those little fancy animations that happen.

But every time an animation happens, it’s draining your iPhone battery. So a lot of the time, we can turn off these features and you won’t even notice a difference.

average lifespan of a cell phone battery

For Android: How To Increase Average Lifespan of A Cell Phone Battery

1. Auto Brightness

So first and very basic tip which is related with auto brightness. if you are at home, so always turn it off or in case if you are going to travel then you might turn it on.

Reason to turn off your auto brightness because when it On then light detecting sensors of your phone are continuously working in background Or ofcourse it consuming unwanted power from your Android phone’s battery. you must set you Screen timeout in between 15 or 30 seconds. Sometimes we set the screen timeout to 2 or more than 2 minutes and forget about it, which results in that our phone cannot save battery in the long run. So always set your screen timeout to minimum time

2. Turn off your smartphone’s (WIFI, NFC, BLUETOOTH and GPS .

Sometimes we forget to turn it off after their use and most important you also need to turn off Haptic feedback (vibration when we click on screen). In simple words HAPTIC FEEDBACK is touching sound/vibration when we touch or open something in smartphone. Reason to off these settings because, In vibration an unbalanced motor is used which consumes a considerable amount of power from the battery.

Bluetooth and Hotspot drain battery lifespan quickly when connected to other supported, It is good turn-off after use. This will extend average lifespan of a cell phone battery.

3. Use Lite versions of apps instead of their big size apps

Lite apps helps you in many ways First, Lite versions of apps covers less storage in your phone. Secondly they are fast enough and also consumes very low power from your battery. You know that Original Facebook app works quite good. So why Facebook launched its Lite Versions or Facebook Lite ? Because its Original app was consuming large storage as well as its battery consumption is also very high. So its Lite Versions was come in existence, Which is quite fast and also consumes very less power from battery .

 4. Charging

 Always charge your phone, minimum (15 to 20%) to 85 to 90%(max). Because all lithium ion batteries has fixed Discharge Cycles.

Example your phone’s battery has 1000 discharge cycles then you can charge or discharge your phone 1000 times. and after completion of 1000 discharge cycles your phone’s battery life getting down and down

Or if you charge 2 times of your phone from min( 20 to 25 %) then your discharge cycle count in 1 instead of 2 So that’s the logic to charge your phone between  from minimum (15/20%), which reduce average lifespan of a cell phone battery.

5. Unwanted ads consume battery

So if these types of ads (like Google ads) are showing in your android device then, they play a big role in your phone’s battery draining problems. To extend lifespan of a phone battery, always use those apps which are Ads free or Premium. You know that almost all Xiaomi phones have good battery backup. But MiUi has lots of ads. If by any way all the ads in xiaomi phones are stopped then it will give more battery backup then initial.

6. Battery Saver

No need to install any type of battery saver apps on your android device. Because its system is programmed to kill application which are run in background And when you load these applications again then it will consume more battery to load Sometimes it waste the battery instead of saving it. So never install any type of battery saver

 7. Stop using Live Wallpapers

 If you wanted to extend the average lifespan of a cell phone battery. then you must stop the use of Live Wallpapers in your device Or if your device has Amoled display then you can use black wallpapers It will save a significant amount of battery of your phone Or if your phone has Ips Lcd display then black wallpaper won’t work on it Instead of black you can use plane wallpapers in Ips display Which should not more colorful. which also save a significant amount of battery in Ips display mobiles.

8. Auto Synchronization

 “AUTO SYNCHRONIZATION” in short Auto Sync. What it does? When you enable this And connect with internet or wifi then all of your stored data in your Google Account will automatically start transferring to Google Servers in background. This Consumes lot of battery from your phone also with internet data. To maintain the average lifespan of a cell phone battery most especially android, then you need to turn-off auto-sync. To do this, just head to “phone settings”, locate “app permission” the de-select which app to remove from auto-sync.

 9. Weak signal strength drained phone battery

So if your signal strength is weak then your phone will do Extra effort to reach to the good signal strength which consumes more battery to do this. So to increase the average lifespan of a cell phone battery, then use your phone in good signal strength area or do some things to increase strength. or better turn-off to “Air Plane mode” to prevent battery drainage and extend the lifespan of a phone battery.

10. Complete discharge your phone once a month

 The most important thing is that you should discharge your phone completely once a month and then go and use it after full charge.  By doing this, it will extend the lifespan of the phone battery.  Just like if someone donates his blood once every month, the dirt that is in your blood is cleared by donating blood, so that you can always remain fit, just like the cells of the battery are the power. 

Due to repeated charging and discharging every day, the power of his cell decreases, so if you discharge and charge full once a month, then the power of the cell of the battery becomes regain.  This does not damage your battery quickly and lasts longer.

 Many people think that if you leave your phone in charge overnight then your battery will deteriorate quickly, but in reality it is not at all. Nowadays, the battery coming in the market has an overcharging cell that does not accept your battery to charge once your phone is 100% charged. So there is absolutely no need to worry about it, your phone will be over charge. Nowadays, all android phones and apple phones are already coming with overcharging protection in their batteries.

However, to be in safer side, then I will suggest to unplug your phone from charging when it reaches 90% and make sure you recharge when it is 20%, this will extend the average of the lifespan of your phone battery.


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