What is Biss Key, Patch Codes And How To Enter Biss Key Manually On Major Receivers

What is Biss Key, Patch Codes And How To Enter Biss Key Manually On Major Receivers

How to enter Biss key on major receivers has become trending in different forums, Most of these decoders features with different patch codes to enable the Key protocols. In this article, You will learn what is Biss, Patches Codes and how to enter biss key on major receivers.

What is Biss?

The acronyms of Biss is “Basic Interoperable Scrambling System”. It is a satellite signal scrambling or encryption system developed by the European Broadcasting Union and a Consortium of hardware producers.

Encryption methods adopted by the satellite tv providers were determined by encoder manufacturers. This has to do with major compatibility limitations on the type of satellite receiver that could be used for the each feed. Biss trying to make it possible to produce “Open Platform’ encryption system that could be available and compatible with many manufacturers gadget.


Types Of Biss Encryption System


The signal transmission are protected by a 12 digit hexadecimal or 16 digit Alphanumeric characters known as “Key Data”. Both key can be encoder and decoder and used to secure the content from authorized used and same key can be use to open the channel on supported receivers. The Biss key could be add or enter manually to the supported receivers.


This involves the integration of key at a particular point in time programmed by the satellite tv provider. It also involve the use of secret Biss-Key entered to the encoder. This key is unknown to the end user of the decoder.

It make use of 16 digit hexadecimal code specifically in Alphanumeric characters. Most of the big satellite tv providers like DStv make use of feed channels encrypted with Biss to transmits live telecast to their subscriber and that’s why Signal-6 came to existing.

Any decoder fully designed with correct secret code will be able de-scrambling a Biss-E feed channels. Also for any founded Biss-E encrypted feed channels will have the correct and corresponding Biss-1 key to unlock the channels.

Due to advancement on technology, There are some decoder or digital receiver you can buy that capable of generating key data automatic with internet such receiver known as Autorole decoders. A typical examples of Autorole receiver are Tiger T3000 Mega, T245+ lazer, Hellobox V5 Plus, Mediastar diamond Z2, Tiger T800+ mini full HD, Tiger T8HD ultra receiver. let’s move on to the Patch codes of different decoder to enabled encryption key data protocol menu.

Patch Codes

Patch Codes is a secret codes or digit or numbers to hide some menu in digital receivers, Patch codes usually used to hide Encryption Key protocol, Server, Youtube, Youporn, Softcam, IPTV and many more. below are the lists of Patch codes used by different manufacturer to hide some menu.

Receiver Brand or NamePatch Codes
Strong Old Model: SRT 4669X, SRT 4669XII, up to SRT 4922A and SRT 4922D+Firstly You need to dial 6969 to patch on and press 8280 for key protocol
New Strong Model: SRT 4950, SRT 4955, SRT 4954F1+8280 on SRT 4950, SRT 4954 and SRT Needs 6969 to enable patch on
Qsat: Q11G up to Q28GNavigate “Version” and Press 1512 to enable Xcam
Openbox Z5 mini/Alphabox X4, X6, X6+ X7Navigate to “Settings” and Press 2778 To enable “Key editor”
Cobox/Strongest/G-sat/Q19GNavigate to Multimedia and press 1506 to enabled Tcam and Patch
Tiger: T8hd Ultra, T245+ Lazer e.t.cPress F1+0000 to enable patch
StarsatPress menu and dial 9999 to enable patches
SatstarPress menu and dial 9898

To enter Biss key on any digital receiver usually take similar steps or procedures, below are the requirements needed to enter biss key manually on any digital supported decoder


  1. Satellite TV Signal Encrypted with Biss
  2. Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate
  3. Supported Digital receiver or decoder
  4. Active Biss Key Data usually in 16 digit hexadecimal

How To Enter Biss Key Manually On Major Receivers

  • Firstly, It advisable for everyone to first upgrade their decoder to the latest software and you can download the software.
  • After you have get access to the Patch menu or Biss Key Menu as stated different patch codes used by manufacturers.
  • Press Red button or Green button to add
  • Enter the frequency, symbol rate and polarization e.g 3730:38333:H
  • Leave SID to 1FFF and index as default as 00 or 3D, In most of the decoder not available.
  • Press OK button to save the settings or key data and press exit to the screen and the picture will comes up instantly.


To avoid going through this stress of entering key data manually, I suggest you can buy Tiger T245+ lazer, It is very affordable, autorole both PowerVU and Biss.

Tiger T245+ also support Multi-stream tuner i.e DVB-S2 capable of scanning hide channels most especially on Astra 28.2e (Multi-TV) position e.g GTV, GTV Sports. However, other receiver can’t scan these channels.


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