How Do I Change The Clock Display On An iPhone

Clock display on an iPhone is just like any other smartphone, but most aspects of it aren’t customizable. Thanks to Apple for making it possible to make a little adjustment. By default, all-digital clock allows switching between using 24-hour or 12-hour clock display with the help of the iPhone settings app. 

In this post, I will show you how to change clock display on an iPhone’s setting app, lets dive in:


How Do I Change The Clock Display On An iPhone
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Step By Step Guide To Change Clock Display On An iPhone:

1. On the iPhone’s home screen, Open the “Settings” App

2. Select “General”

3. Select “Date and Time”

4. Click on the “On/Off” icon close to “24-hour time, wait till it turns to green (Power On). Or turn off to show 12-hour on the iPhone clock display screen.

5. Enable the toggle to the right position to set “Automatically ON” for the iPhone to automatically change the day, date and time zone according to the current location.

Or Enable the toggle to the right position to set “Automatically OFF” to set the day, date and time zone manually.

6. Click on “Time Zone” and enter your location details as per requested, If you type in the right parameter matching details will appear in the search box. If your current location does not appear, then enter the nearby cities at the “Time Zone section until one matches, and click on the option available in the search box.

7. Click on the “Day, Date and Time” appear in the blue type colour falls under Time Zone. If it is disabled, then reset manually or automatic according to your current location.

8. Press the “Home Button” to save your settings.

These are the best steps involved in how to change Clock display on an iPhone. If you find this post interesting and worthy to share, feel free to share with your friend and across social media like facebook, twitter, blogs forum and so on.

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