ESPN HD Brasil On SES 6 At 40w

Free Sport TV Channels For Africa, America And MENA

New football season has started, Free Sport TV Channels is important for every cable cutters. To get Free Sport TV Channels is not something easy as before because it cost billions of dollars to get official TV rights. Therefore, Football Association most especially English Premier League fight against copyright infringement. Likewise DStv and Canalsat are the main broadcasters in Sub-Sahara Africa. Today, I’m want to share with you Free Sport TV Channels Confirmed working in Africa, America, Middle-East and North Africa most especially M7 Azam Sport and ESPN HD. The Satellite Frequencies, Encryption type and Installation guidelines shall be discuss.

ESPN Brasil And Fox Sport On SES 6 At 40.5W

If you’re living in the South-America, like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and so on. The best Free Sport TV Channels are ESPN, ESPN Brasil, ESPN America Latina, ESPN Extra America Latina And ESPN 2 Brasil. Studying the signal footage of SES 6 At 40.5w, I realized that the beam touches the North Africa like Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Oman, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iran, Syria and UAE.

ESPN Brasil Channel shown LALiga matches. The encryption is PowerVU and Irdeto. If you have PowerVU Autorole decoder like Tiger T3000 Mega you are good to go.

S/NChannels NameFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateEncryptionBeam
1.ESPN Brasil 3980 L 21600PowerVU
2.Fox Sport Brasil 4095 R 30000PowerVUMENA
3.ESPN Feed 3763 L 30000UnknownMENA

The strongest tracking frequency for SES 6 At 40.5w is 3921 H 20000 using minimum of 2.4m dish above. other countries or region outside MENA can try with 3m dish above.

ESPN HD Brasil On SES 6 At 40w, Free Sport TV Channels

Fight Network And ESPN On Telstar 12 Vantage At 15W

Fight Network channel and ESPN US are available on Telstar 12 Vantage at 15w. European countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and so on can try Telstar 12 Vantage. The encryption type for Fight Night Channels is PowerVU while ESPN US is Biss. To receive this channels, you have to try with 60cm dish above in Europe and 1.8m dish above in the Middle-East. Below are the Free Sport TV Channels receivable in Europe and Middle-East.

ESPN US On Telstar 12 Vantage At 15W
S/NChannel NameFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateEncryptionBeam
1.ESPN 12609 H 7552 BISSEurope
2.Fight Network 12707 H 3700 PowerVU Europe

Varzish Sport HD, Lemar TV, Arezo TV HD, ATN TV On Yahsat At 52E

Watching Free Sport TV Channels in Iran is completely free. Varzish Sport HD, Lemar TV, Arezo TV HD, ATN TV are available on Yahsat at 52e encrypted with Biss. UFC Fight Night, LALiga, EPL, Champions League, Europa League, NBA and others sport are covered. The following are the satellite frequency parameters.

TV Varzish On Yahsat 1R At 52E
S/NChannels NameFrequencyPolarization Symbol RateEncryptionBeam
1.Varzish Sport HD 11785 H 27500 Biss Europe
2.Football HD 11785 H 27500 Biss Europe
3.Lemar TV 12015 H 27500 Biss Europe
4.Arezo TV HD 12015 H 27500 Biss Europe
5.ATN TV 12015 H 27500 Biss Europe


Free Sport Channels Received In Sub-Sahara Africa

In Sub-Sahara Africa, we’re limited with Free Sport TV Channels because we have pay tv service provider working here, So it will be difficult for any free-to-air Sport TV Channels to operate as well without legal implication and that’s what happened to TStv. The following are the Free-to-Air Sport receivable in Sub-Sahara Africa.

M7 Azam Sport In Sub-Sahara Africa

M7 Azam Sport, Irib 3 And Varzesh TV On Badr 5 At 26E

M7 Azam Sport now working on Badr 5 at 26e same position as Media 7 channels. It shown LAliga yesterday and hopefully it will continue to do the same too. M7 Azam Sport is completely free-to-air sport channel. If you already have dish pointed to Badr 5 at 26e just proceed to do blind scan and get M7 Azam Sport. The Signal coverage covers almost all Sub-Sahara region i.e West African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Niger Republic and so on using minimum 60cm dish above.

Varzesh TV Farsi on Badr 5 At 26e

Similarly, Varzesh TV is also receivable in the Middle-East and North-Africa, The following are the Varzesh TV and M7 Azam Sport Frequency on Badr 5 at 26e:

S/NChannel NameFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateEncryptionBeamDish Size
1.M7 Azam Sport11470 H 27500Mpeg-4/FTA HDSub-Sahara Africa60 cm dish above
2.Irib 3 &
Varzesh TV
12265 H 30000 BISSCentral Asia60 cm dish above
3.Varzesh TV Farsi10887 V 27500 FTA/Mpeg-4Middle-East60 cm dish above

Free Sport TV Channels: Signal-6 or Signal-3 On Eutelsat 10A At 10E

Signal-6 or Signal-3 are Feeds channels showing LALiga on Eutelsat 10A at 10e, as for me, I call it LAliga Mux, You can watch two different LAliga matches at the same time when the fixtures clash. You need minimum of 1.8m dish or 6ft dish antenna to get Signal-6 or Signal-3 channels. The following are the Satellite Frequency for Signal-6 or Signal-3:

Signal-3 free sport tv channels
S/NChannels NameFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateEncryptionBeam
1.Signal-63896 R 3750 BISSSub-Sahara Africa
2.Signal-33887 R 3750 BISSSub-Sahara Africa

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  1. @Wahab, well done for consistent update on FTA entertainment.

    Pls l have 90cm & 100cm dishes for FTA installation for local & foreign NEWS, MOVIES, and FOOTBALL channels. Kindly advise the satellites to get these channels from, and also, suitable decoder/receiver l need to be able to access the channels.

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    1. There are some decoder opening canalsat reunion on Eutelsat 16A At 16e and Zaptv Angola on 36e you can buy but it is expensive you can chat me via WhatsApp: +2348122176108

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