DStv/GOtv Promo 2019: Upgrade, Step Up & Boost Package

DStv/GOtv Promo 2020 Tagged Upgrade, Step Up And Boost Package

DStv Promo 2020 is live again as we head to annual festival holidays. The African leading Digital Satellite provider known as DStv and it’s DTH also known as GOtv has launched mega promo. This mega promo was once launched in the early of 2010 whereby the cost of DStv decoder is less than N10,000. GOtv decoder has yet come to being during that time. Now here is another fantastic promotion offer tag combine with Step up, Upgrade and Boost promo offer.

Dstv upgrade and boost promo offer are dedicated for DStv subscriber while Step up promo offer dedicated for GOtv subscriber. The DStv promo 2020 are available for active and non-active subscriber. It is also applicable to GOtv subscribers too. DStv thanks promo awards are also available for both active and disconnected customers.

DStv Promo 2020

Details About DStv Promo 2020

According to DStv web page, Step up, Upgrade and boost promo started from 2nd of Sept 2019. DStv is still giving out all active and disconnected DStv Access, Family and Compact customers the chance to pay for an upgrade package, and get to watch TV shows on higher package till up to date.

Take for instances, DStv Access subscribers that upgrade to Family package cost N4,000/month, will automatically get boosted to the compact package worth N6,800/month.

DStv Subscribers usually paying for Family buoquet will pay N6,800 for Compact package, will automatically get boosted to Compact Plus worth N10,650/month.

Furthermore, DStv Compact customers that upgrade to Compact Plus package cost N10,650/month, will automatically get boosted to the premium package worth N15,800/month.
Read for more details about the most common question asked about DStv promo 2020. You can also use DStv/GOtv WhatsApp customer care to activate or reconnect your DStv/GOtv account.

GOtv Promo 2020

Details About Step up GOtv Promo Offer 2020

GOtv subscribers has left out from this promotional offer for both new and existing customers. Only the GOtv Max are allow to enjoying from this ongoing promo. N600 is a huge distance when compare to regular price of N3,200, Now GOtv Max subscriber needs to pay N2,600 and enjoying all the channels on GOtv decoder. It will cost you N6,900 to get a GOtv decoder with one month GOtv Max subscription.

DStv Decoder

DStv Promo 2020 For New Customers

DStv promo 2020 extends to the new customers for those that are yet to have DStv decoder. The cost of DStv decoder is N9,900 with one month Compact subscription (once-off). This offer also includes Dish Kit and HD Zapper+ Dstv decoder.

For existing DStv subscribers that want to have Xtra View connection can pay N3,000 to get new HD Zapper DStv decoder for the connection.

DStv Explora + Dish Kit cost N55,000 for those that have interest in DStv catchup, BoxOffice. HD viewing, The Playlist and More recording time.

DStv Upgrade And Get A Boost Promo

Upgraded Channels To Each Packages For Promo Offer:

  • DStv Premium subscribers will have total number of 150 channels which includes Super Sport 1, 2, 11 and 12 e.t.c
  • DStv Compact Plus customers will have total number of 139 channels which includes Super Sport 5, 6 and 3 e.t.c
  • Compact Subscribers will get Universal studio and Super Sport 3 e.t.c
  • DStv Family subscribers will get Fox and Super Sport 7 e.t.c.

Where To Buy DStv/GOtv Decoder?

If you’re new to DStv/GOtv and you want to purchase a DStv/Gotv decoder, Just visit the any DStv/GOtv office or outlets close to you. Or call any satellite installer around you to the purchase and the installation. Learn how to do the DStv installation here.

Final Thoughts

GOtv still awarding promo up to date for selected subscribers based on the same promo terms. Like wise DStv promo 2020 still rocking for the new customers. I will advice new customers to choose DStv over GOtv, because you can watch many channels on DStv decoder rather than GOtv decoder. Though that DStv subscription is slightly higher than GOtv and it really worth it.


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  1. I Applied on Thursday for an up grade on my DSTV. I was informed 2/4 days NOTHING, can you please confirm the problem. I I wanted the promo that you have R899 inc, dish, installation upgrade etc etc
    1.Will i get all the sport programmes??
    2.Will i loose any programmes??
    3.Netflex& showmax inc??
    4.History & Geo programmes
    5.Deilvery & installation
    6 Total Price inc Vat
    7 24 month contract

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