DSTV/GOtv: Introduces New Activation Platforms Via WhatsApp & APP

DSTV/GOtv: Introduces New Activation Platforms Via WhatsApp & APP

DStv/Gotv is still maintain the leading the African Entertainment with millions of subscribers across Africa. As technology improving DStv/GOtv will be the first to introduce the technology innovation to their esteem customers. To ease the waiting time on the queue while visiting their offices or calling customers service. The company has come out with DStv whatsapp self-services for DStv Subscriber and My GOtv App for GOtv platforms.

DStv WhatsApp Self-Services

DStv whatsapp self-services is a web robot or an automated machine designed to attend to the customers using smartphone. The major aims of this service is to reduce the waiting time of the subscribers on the queue.

The DStv whatsapp self-services can be used to check the balance, fix errors on DStv decoder. It can also pay or top-up your account, change package, rent box office movies. DStv whatsapp self-services also give you adequate support to setup DStv mobile app. While using the app, DStv WhatsApp Self-Services has great accuracy and precision while communicate with the subscriber. Tough the service is limited to only one customer or a smartcard (Nigeria Only). That’s you can use the service for another smartcard.

DStv WhatsApp Self-Services

Key Functions of DStv WhatsApp Self-Services

  • To check your balance
  • Fix Errors in Decoder like E16, E32
  • Top-up and make payment
  • Upgrade/downgrade Package i.e from Access to family or from premium to compact
  • To rent box office movies


How To Get Started Using DStv WhatsApp Self-Services

  • Add this number +2349082368533 as a contact or Send hi in texts message via this link
  • Wait for few seconds for automated response with request for your smartcard digits
  • After verify the ownership, Then it will request you to choose option relate to your request.
  • Wait for the system to process and response to your request
  • That’s all
Steps By Steps Guide To Install The My GOtv Self-Service App

GOtv Self-Services App

This is another self-services mobile application designed to activate GOtv decoder. GOtv sel-services app can be use to activate new GOtv decoder and the existing ones. However GOtv Self-services app not restricted to only one IUC number or Nigeria subscriber. The self-services app can be use nationwide.

Steps By Steps Guide To Install The My GOtv App

  • Download and Install the app from Google Playstore
  • Open the app
  • Select “Existing GOtv Customer”
  • Select your country
  • Enter your “Surname or Mobile Number”
  • Enter your “IUC Number” (10 digit usually display on TV Screen)
  • Tap on “Login”
How To Activate New GOtv Decoder Using My GOtv Self-service App

How To Activate New GOtv Decoder Using MyGOtv Self-service App

  • Download and Install MyGOtv App from Google Playstore
  • Open the app
  • Select “New To GOtv” option
  • Tap and select your “Country”
  • Select “City”
  • Enter your “Surname”
  • Fill your “Mobile Phone”
  • Enter your GOtv decoder IUC Number (10 digit usually display on TV Screen)
  • Click on “ACTIVATE”
  • Wait for few seconds to activate your GOtv decoder and activation message.
How To Retrieve Your IUC Number If Forget

How To Retrieve Your IUC Number If Forget

In case you forget your IUC number of your GOtv decoder you can retrieve it with few steps for Existing Customer only as follows:

  • Open MyGOtv App
  • Tap on “Existing Customer”
  • Click on “Forgot your IUC Number” painted in Yellow color
  • Enter your “Country”
  • Then Your “Mobile Phone”
  • Click on “FIND” to get IUC Number details

OR Using GOtv Decoder

  • Press the OK button on your GOtv remote control
  • Choose the “Information Central” option
  • Find the (10 digit usually display on TV Screen) or at the back or underneath your decoder.

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  1. I subscribed yesterday night and till now it’s not showing through MyDstv Gotv self service app and i am using gotv

    • Ok sorry brother, Always use quickteller.com or mypaga.com for quick activation while leaving your gotv or DStv decoder while making the payment online

  2. I have used Quickteller for this but still have issues.

    Hi Oga Satgist, can you recommend a simple Gotv activation method?

    I really need your help.

  3. Hi Satgist,

    Thanks for the insightful guide.

    I was trying to use the GOTV app to clear error code but I always get an error message.

    Is there any simple steps to do that?

    I have searched online but cannot find anything to that effect.

    Thanks in advance.

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