Dish Network VS DirecTV Satellite TV Service Providers

Dish Network VS. Direct TV (2020) Review, Price And Plans

Dish Network and Direct TV are the best two options in the United State. But which one is better to choose in terms of Sport coverage, price and side effect. In this review, we explained in details comparison of both TV providers (Dish Network VS. Direct TV).

Satellite Television as introduced in the early of 1990 as the million of people joined satellite tv world to enjoying the widest range of television entertainment across a tv platform.

Direct TV was launched in 1994 and later Dish Network otherwise known as EchoStar also joined, since almost twenty years ago, these two Satellite TV service providers has moved the TV entertainment industry to the next level with modern equipment.

Analog was firstly introduced some years ago and later explore digital high quality tv channels, and majority of the contents are available in high definition and ultra 4K format whereas both satellite TV Service Providers are consistently offer promotion aimed to bring in new and increasing customers or subscriber though leading to competition between the two satellite TV service providers and as well as causing confusion to the consumer.

Let’s compare the two DirecTV VS Dish Network to help you make the right decision or choice.

Dish Network VS DirecTV Satellite TV Service Providers
Dish Network VS. Direct TV

Direct TV VS. Dish Network: Profile Details

It is good to have background knowledge or information about these satellite TV service providers i.e to know what constitutes Dish Network and Direct TV.

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What is Dish Network?

It famously to be the fastest growing digital satellite TV service provider in the united state of America and Canada, It has 14 million subscribers because of the lowest price strategy offer adopted which is slightly lower price than Direct TV.

Dish Network has interrelated business units of Echostar Communications Corporation among the units is Echostar Technologies which is the manufacturer of the satellite TV receivers while EchoStar Satellite Services offers audio, video and data delivery services to Dish Network’s Business and Education TV consumers.

Charlie Ergen was the CEO and Chairman of EchoStar Communication in early 1980, being a distributor of C-band satellite TV Systems, the company was quickly grow and expand and later EchoStar was successfully granted licence for a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and same year in (1995), Echostar established and launched “DISH” (Digital Sky Highway) Network.

The head-quarter situated at Englewood, Colorado, United States, with capacity of 500 channels of digital video and Dish Network is the fourth-largest multi-channel video service provider in the United State by total subscribers of 14 millions.

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Dish Network VS. Direct TV: Similarities

Both DirecTV and Dish Network offers wide range of TV Channels which includes Sport, Movies, Music, News and some others events on pay-per-view packages in high definition formats.

It offers cheapest bundle plan which has the largest range of programs in High Definition format in its package.

Direct TV offers the best and special package for sports with the biggest range of high definition program for both in U.S and foreigners.

Both have good customers support with influence of well establishments, as far as satellite tv and cable is concern, both have great customer support experienced department personnel to handle different cases as per request by their respective subscriber.

Both Direct TV and Dish Network have free offers for new customers package which incorporates satellite dish antenna, receiver, and multi-room installation extension(optional) handled by their professional installer or technician with additional of one month free promo subscription.

Usually the installation period takes within 3-7days from the order date for both Dish Network and DirecTV.

Direct TV VS Dish Network: Differences

It seems Direct TV is price hike and good for football lovers with DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket plan can give you all access to the games of your favorite

DISH Network VS. DIRECT TV: Prices, Channels, And Features:

Max DVR hours500 HD200 HD
Contract2 yrs.2 yrs.

DISH Prices And Plans

PlanPrice*ChannelsLearn more
America’s Top 120™$59.99/mo.190VIEW PLAN
America’s Top 120+™$69.99/mo.190+VIEW PLAN
America’s Top 200™$79.99/mo.240+VIEW PLAN
America’s Top 250™$89.99/mo.290+VIEW PLAN

DIRECT TV Prices And Plans

PlanPrice*ChannelsLearn more
DIRECT TV SELECT™ All-Included$35/mo.155+VIEW PLAN
DIRECT TV CHOICE™ All-Included$45/mo.185+VIEW PLAN
DIRECT TV XTRA™ All-Included$55/mo.235+VIEW PLAN
DIRECT TV ULTIMATE™ All-Included$60/mo.250+VIEW PLAN
DIRECT TV PREMIER™ All-Included$110/mo.330+VIEW PLAN


Installation feeInstallation included for 6 TVsInstallation included for 4 TVs
First DVR receiver feeHopper Duo included. $3 extra to upgrade to the Hopper 3First receiver included
Additional DVR receivers fee$7/mo.$5–$10/mo.
Regional sports feeNone$8.49*
Broadcast TV feeNoneNone

Based on the table chart shown above, You can determine which satellite TV service provider has all the qualities you want based on their Price, Channels, Packages, Sport, Installation, Hidden Fees and others.

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