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How To Choose The Best Satellite And Cable TV Provider

To make a decision on a Cable or Satellite TV providers in Las vegas is quite not easy as you think. Watching Television may be a popular activity for several African and Las Vegas residents. It’s essential to settle on a company that gives fast, reliable television service.

I and other partners at Consumer Affairs researched the most effective cable companies and satellite TV providers in Las Vegas and extend the research to Africa region to assist and make your search for extensive options at a reasonable price.

Taking Decision On A Cable Company or Satellite TV Providers in Las Vegas or Africa

When choosing a cable TV or satellite TV provider, there are a couple of things you need consider to make sure you’re making the proper choice. A number of the key considerations include:

Available channels:

Satellite and Cable TV providers found out individual channel lineups, make certain to look at available packages and see if your favorite networks are included.


Some Satellite TV providers in Las Vegas offer month-to-month subscriptions, but many require one- or two-year contracts. Before committing to a service, make certain you’re getting everything you would like .


Most of the Satellite and Cable TV providers also provide internet and phone services. These companies often offer bundles that allow you to save lots of money by subscribing to multiple services. But the case not the same in Africa none of the provider offering phone and internet services.

Extra features:

Businesses are adding more features to urge a position in an increasingly competitive market. DVR or PVR capability that permits you to record shows to observe later is common, and a few companies offer apps that permit you watch television on the go from compatible devices.

Types Of Cable And Satellite TV

One way cable and satellite TV providers differentiate themselves is by offering packages with different channels and features. Lower-tier packages may include just a couple of channels, while costlier packages include many channel options and DVR capability, a number of the most common options include:

By default, basic Cable typically includes your local channels (AIT, NTA, Channels TV, Mitv, TVC News) and popular broadcast networks (Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, Nation Geographic).

Extended basic channel packages include local and national broadcast channels along side a number of the foremost popular pay networks, like ESPN, Aljazeera, SABC and CNN.

Premium channel packages have an enormous type of channel options, including movie channels like MNET Channels, African Magic Movie Channels, HBO and SHOWTIME.

Video-on-demand services allow you to access a library of flicks and shows that you simply can watch anytime.

Cable TV

Cable VS Satellite TV

The African and Las Vegas residents can choose from cable and satellite TV, both options have advantages. So it’s good to understand the differences before committing to at least one .

Cable TV is easy to put in — there’s usually only a receiver that plugs directly into your television. Cable TV providers transmit the signal through a physical wire, so service is usually more reliable, Cable typically features a higher cost per channel, however, and you want to live within the company’s topographic point .

Satellite TV uses a wireless signal, which suggests it’s available in additional places, Satellite customers must install a dish, which can be prohibited by your landlord or homeowners association.

Satellite TV are often susceptible to outages, but Las Vegas’ lack of utmost weather generally keeps service reliable. A satellite dish could be a far better option if you’re during a more country like Mount Charleston or Blue Diamond.

How Much Does Cable And Satellite TV Cost In Africa And Las Vegas?

The average customer pays between $85 and $100 a month for cable or satellite TV service, If you’re curious about cheap cable TV, you ought to go searching until you discover the most effective deal. Cable TV providers and satellite TV providers offer different packages at varying price points.

How much you spend depends on a range of factors. You’ll often find a no-commitment monthly cable deal, but you’ll pay more per month. To get the most effective or best deals, you would like to comply with a 1 or two-year commitment.

In Las Vegas , DISH offers customers 190 channels for $59.99 with a two-year price-locked contract. DIRECTV offers 155 channels starting at $55.99 a month on a two-year contract, but the monthly cost increases within the second year — make certain to ask the entire cost over the lifetime of the contract before committing. Cable TV packages include Cox Communication’s 25-channels basic cable package cost $25 per month.


AT&T is one of the satellite TV Providers in Las Vegas, offers multiple plans starting from 25 channels to 565 or more channels. The company’s packages are often bundled with internet and phone, and therefore the company provides DVR capability so you’ll record and watch your favorite shows at any time. Las Vegas customers praise the available options and therefore the convenience of working with AT&T.

Satellite TV Providers And Cable TV Providers

GOtv And DStv

DStv as a satellite tv provider, is the African leading telecommunication company followed by StarTimes. GOtv is a subsidiary of DStv specifically design to cater for Cable TV services to the African regions. DStv offering digital TV services at high quality at affordable price likewise to that of GOtv as a Cable TV provider. The customer care support is superb with easy payment and activation of the subscription either through online or outlet offices.

DStv and GOtv offering different kind of services to their customers based on the countries which the customers belongs to. Always provide one month free subscription to the medium package to DStv and GOtv new customers.

With DStv you can watch Premier league, Champions League and others top European matches of your choice. Though the TV rights is shared among other company.

DStv Explorer will give you access to record or pause the live tv shows and watch it later at your own leisure time. You can still watch your local channels while on the go via DStv Now App by connecting your DStv account. No extra charges included just make sure you have stable internet and unlimited data.

StarTimes DTH

StarTimes is the second largest digital satellite company in Africa. As a Satellite TV provider, It covers most of the West African and South Africa. In terms of price, the TV service is more affordable though no EPL, LA Liga and Champions League. Other European leagues are available at affordable price.

StarTimes as a Cable TV Provider, the signal is superb, but needs to improve their DVR so as to improve the picture quality. GOtv’s DVR or set-top box is far better.

Honestly, making subscription to your favorite StarTimes package is easier through mypagal with instant activation just make sure your decoder is power on before making the payment.

Furthermore, StarTimes ON app is an online platform to enjoying your favorite tv shows while on the go. There are special packages for customers to choose on StarTimes ON platform.

Cox Communication

Cox Communications is one among the most important cable providers within the area and offers a broad range of television packages to Las Vegas residents. The corporate provides 24-hour customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Online reviews from Las Vegas note that the company’s workers always show abreast of time and are very friendly.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV promises its customers more HD channels than the other cable provider. The company offers on-the-go TV providers through its app, and Las Vegas customers who are currently under contract with another provider can benefit of Spectrum’s contract buyout program. Las Vegas customers appreciate the Spectrum’s flexibility and affordable pricing.

Canal Plus Afrique

Canal Plus is another Satellite TV provider in Africa without Cable TV. It is specifically design for francophone countries, I mean french speaking countries like Cotonou, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger Republic, Congo Dr and so on.

While operating on Satellite TV platform only, Series of subscription packages are design for customers to choose at affordable price though payment can only be make through accredited agent with instant activation.

Wrap up

It is good to make the best choice while choosing the Cable and Satellite TV providers in Las Vegas or Africa. No matter everywhere you are in Las Vega or Africa, You can choose from the lists of Cable and Satellite TV providers stated above.

Take a look at their features, price and package offered before you choose. Analyze the channels and try ask question from the sales man before you buy. Also try to request more information from the sales man which may not be cover here.

You can also leave comment below, if you experience any issues with the system. Don’t forget to share this article if find interesting.


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