How To Load M3U/M3u8 IPTV Playlists Manually On Supported Devices

How To Load/Add M3U/M3u8 IPTV Playlists Manually On Supported Devices

IPTV future is bright and that’s why it is regarded as “Future Television, Today I’m going to teach you how to load m3u or m3u8 IPTV playlists manually on supported devices. The supported devices includes Smart TV, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and TV Box. The supported device further extend to digital satellite tv receivers such as Strong, Tigerstar, Alphabox, Mediastar, Csat Pro, Cobox, Qsat, Strongest, G-sat and many more.

We have already lay hands on Xtream IPTV with full details, However, m3u or m3u8 needs extensive explanation along side with how to load m3u or m3u8 IPTV playlist on supported devices.

What is m3u?

M3U (MP3 URL) simply means “Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator). It is a computer file format for multimedia playlist such as m3u IPTV playlist. The m3u file format enable the users to create a single entry multimedia playlists or m3u iptv playlists on the internet.

What is m3u8?

According to lifewire, The m3u8 file extension is a UTF-8 Encoded Audio Playlist file. It is usually features with different URL for each streaming TV channels and audio. It is usually in plain text files that can be used for IPTV players like Xtream, Smarter IPTV, VLC to determine where the streaming files are sited. hence there’s no other specific differences between the two rather than what I have just stated above


Lists of Devices Compatible with m3u/m3u8 IPTV Playlist

  • Android Operating System such as Android phones, Tablets And Android TV Boxes.
  • A computer or PC
  • Game Consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo
  • Mac Book
  • Smart TV’s (Samsung, LG and Sony)

List of Digital Satellite Receiver Support IPTV Playlist

  1. Strong Decoder: SRT 4920/4922A/4922D+ or SRT 4950/4950H or SRT 4955G/M or SRT 4954
  2. Qsat Decoder: Q11G/Q13G/Q15G/Q19G/Q23G/Q26G/Q128G
  3. Sunplus Decoder: STG 9800A, G-Sat 9500, 3D Ultra, Cobox, Nusky, Csat, Csat pro, Elephant 2020 or 1506G/1506T/F Chip I.C
  4. Alphabox: Alphabox x4/x6,/x6+, Viewsat, Powersat or 2778 protocol receiver
  5. StarSat Decoder: Starsat Extream 90000, 2000HD, TX1 Pro and so on
  6. Mediastar: Diamond Z2, Z1, e.t.c
  7. Tigerstar: Tiger T245+, T3000 extra, T3000 Mega, T8hd Ultra, M5 Super, Range T20 e.t.c
  8. Other Decoder: Geant, Zorrobox, Premium HD, Echolink, enigma, Linux and so on.

Lists of Streaming Players Supports M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlists Files

S/NFile NameAndroidiOSLinuxPC
1VLC Install InstallDownload Install
2.IPTV & MX PlayerInstall
3.Perfect PlayerDownload Install Install
4.Simple TVDownload
5.OTT PlayerInstall Install Download
6.GSE Smart IPTVInstallInstall
7.iPlay TVInstall
8.IPTV Smarters ProInstall
9.Lazy IPTVDownload
10.Wise PlayInstallInstall

Lists Of M3u/M3u8 Streaming Apps For Smart TV’s

You can also download and install MrMc Lite and VLC for Amazon firestick

Requirement for using m3u/m3u8 IPTV Playlists On Any Device

To have good live streaming experience on any device using m3u/m3u8 playlists there are some criterion needs to meet up as listed below:

  • Internet Connection: without good, stable, unlimited data and high speed internet, IPTV won’t be enjoy fully as a matter of fact you will get frustrated.
  • M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlists: Internet may be good with unlimited data but if the IPTV service (Playlists) is not good or valid, you will get tired of using IPTV.
  • Device/Apps Compatibility: Using supported devices or apps is important as stated above.

How To Use M3u/Mu8 Playlists On Window or PC or Mac

VLC Media Player

It is one of the best streaming player features with tiny program support many window version it can play many video and audio file formats. It features with free decoding and encoding library, run m3u/m3u8 iptv playlists smoothly.

  • Download and Install the app from their official website
  • Launch the VLC Media Player
  • From the top left-hand corner, locate Open Network Stream
  • Locate http/https/ftp/mms option, and then enter the iptv playlists link e.g http://novaip.vip:80/get.php?username=satgist&password=iptv76&type=m3u&output=ts and tap enter from your keyboard
  • The IPTV channels will be automatically synchronize and added to the playlists library and don’t forget to “click on Loop” to avoid freezing.

Using Simple TV

Simple TV is one of the best Streaming Media Player with friendly user interface and it support many IPTV file format and easy to browse TV channels.

  • Download and Install Simple TV from their official website
  • launch the Simple TV
  • Drag or Add playlist to the program and enjoying your channels

How To Add M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlists on Android

  • First of all, Download MX Player from google play store
  • Download and Install IPTV Pro developed by alexander Sofronov
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on the Add or + icon
  • Select “Add playlists file” or enter “m3u url”
  • Tap Save and the channels will be automatically added if the file or url is valid.

You can also use Smarters IPTV to add m3u/m3u8 IPTV playlists on Android devices

How To Add M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlist on iPhone/iPod/iPad

The steps is very simple and straight forward just follow my tutorials on how to add m3u/m3u8 iptv playlists on iphone using Smarters IPTV app.

How To Add M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlists On KODI

Kodi is an online streaming media and it support many streaming devices like PC, Android TV Box or Smartphone with different version of the program

Installation Guide:

  • Download and Install KODI from their Official website
  • Open Kodi
  • Navigate to System
  • Select TV
  • Select General
  • Click on Enabled
  • Wait for few seconds, you will get pop up indicating “No PVR Client Enable” Tap OK
  • Scroll down and Tap “PVR Simple Client”
  • Click Enable
  • Select Configure
  • In “General” tap on “M3u Playlist URL”
  • Add your M3U URL into the address portal and tap on “OK” twice
  • Reboot Kodi application or program
  • Launch again and goto “Live TV” the channels will be added automatically.

How To Add m3u/m3u8 IPTV Plalists on Openbox Z5 Mini orAlphabox X4/X6/X6 or 2778 Protocol Receiver

  • First of all, You have to enable patch by press 2778 from your remote control to enable hide menu like cccam, Key editor/softcam key and IPTV
  • Make sure that the iptv playlists file has been downloaded to the flash drive
  • Press Menu>>>>>Navigate to UTILITY>>>>IPTV>>>>Press Blue button to import IPTV playlists file
  • Wait for few seconds to check and update your receiver IPTV Channels library and start flexing

How To Load M3u/M3u8 Manually On SRT 4920/4922A/4922D+

  • Download the m3u file from the links offered by the provider
  • Copy the file to virus free flash drive
  • Insert to your decoder
  • Press Menu>>>>>File Manager>>>>>Locate the file and press ok
  • Decoder will automatically reboot itself
  • Press IPTV button from your remote and start enjoying

How To Load M3u/mM3u Playlist Manually On SRT 4950M/4950H/4950E

  • Download the m3u file into your flash
  • Insert the drive to your decoder
  • Press Menu>>>>NetLink>>>>Upload>>>Press Blue to upload file
  • Wait for few seconds to add channels to your decoder library and start flexing

Top Website Offering Daily Free M3u/M3u8 IPTV Playlists

  1. IPTVM3ULists
  2. IPTVforPCwindows
  3. Gatachannel
  4. Silver IPTV
  5. IPTVm3uList

If you find this article interesting don’t hesitate to share tour friends and family. If you want us to extends the article to your favorite decoder don’t forget to contact us.


Xtream IPTV: The Best & Popular IPTV Player

Xtream IPTV: Everything You Need To Know About It

In every title seconds IPTV get more popular to those that are yet aware of it, Xtream IPTV is one of the way or forms of consuming IPTV these days. In this tutorial, You will learn what is Xtream IPTV really means, How does it work and How to generate Xtream IPTV Code for Android TV Box, Smart TV, Android Phones and Satellite Receiver.

What is Xtream IPTV?

It is an online streaming media player which enable the user to watch TV shows which includes Live Sport event, Movies, Music, Series, documentary and many more.

Xtream IPTV does not hosted any kind of IPTV subscription either for free or paid version. It can’t work effective on Smartphone or Android TV Boxes without using External player like MX player or VLC player as recommended by the app developer.

How Does Xtream IPTV Code Work ?

It requires good internet to work depends on the streaming content offered by IPTV providers. Smarters IPTV Pro as a case study also features Xtream IPTV code login. However, It doesn’t require any external player on satellite receiver. It requires valid IPTV subscription in any format.


IPTV Subscription Format

There are four types of IPTV format depends on which the provider or device support such IPTV format includes:

  1. Digit/Numeric or Alpha Numeric: It can be in form of number or combination of alphabet and digit e.g 1234567890 or ab454hdfgwe
  2. Http protocol: usually in url or website address e.g http:novaiptv.vip:80/get.php/username=satgist&pasword=sagist&type=m3u&output=ts
  3. File: downloaded m3u format
  4. Enigma: paired with mac address of the receiver

How To Generate Xtream IPTV Code From M3u Link Format:

Username: satgist

Password: satgist

Port: 80

Host: novaiptv.vip

Where To Download App Player


  • Fast loading Channels
  • Suppor Remote Controller
  • Integrated Player Support
  • Auto EPG update by offer by Providers
  • Beta Version of Chromecast Support
  • Support Record Live Streaming Event
  • Support Download VOD Programs
  • Restore and Backup Settings
  • Auto-start On Boot Support e.t.c

Where To Purchase Xtream IPTV Code

There are a lot of streaming services providers across the world. The best among them with reliable content without revealing your privacy to the hacker or request users to use VPN except your ISP blocked your country IP to access the content.

  1. Bestiptv
  2. Xtream iptv code generator
  3. forums
  4. Contact me