How To Flash Dead/Brick GT Media V7 And V8 Receiver

How To Flash Dead/Brick GT Media V7 And V8 Receiver

Freesat company as re-branded and change to GT Media since last year september. In Today’s tutorial, I will shed more light on how to flash or wake up your soft-brick or dead GT receivers range from Freesat V7HD, Freesat V7 Max, Freesat V7 Combo, Freesat V8 Super, Freesat V8 Golden and Freesat V8 Angel Receiver.

Before we move on, What are the causes of these soft-brick and dead problem on these freesat receivers, the proffer solutions and the tools needed let’s start by taking them one after the other.

What is Flash Tools or PC Tools?

Flash tools is a program or software design purposely to solve a particular problem, This flash tools is different from one manufacturer to another based on the Interface designation, mode of operations and requirements.

What Are The Causes Of Soft-Brick or Fail To Boot Up Freesat V7 or V8?

The following are the symptoms or causes of the soft-brick and fail to boot up for all the Freesat or GT Media V7 or V8 receiver:

  1. Power Failure during upgrade
  2. Attach un-use USB drive
  3. Virus USB


How To Prevent Fail To Boot Up And Soft-Brick GT Media V7 or V8

  • You are strongly advice to use Generator or Inverter to stabilize your electricity reception.
  • Remove un-use USB drive
  • Use Virus free or scan your USB drive with anti-virus before use

Step By Step Guide To Solve Fail To Boot Up And Soft-Brick GT Media V7 or V8

Step 1: Download Requirement Tools

Step 2: Requirement Tools Materials

  • RS232 Serial Cable otherwise known as Null Cable
  • Cut a cable from any permanent dead electronic device and connect it with RS232 Serial Cable Only for Freesat V7 HD or GT Media V8 finder
  • A Computer System running window XP or Window 7 or 8

Step 3: Extract The Flash or Recovery Tools

  • Right Click on the recovery or flash tools
  • Then Select “Extract here” or Extract To Folder” if you are computer literate.

Step 4: How To Use Flash Or Recovery Tools

  • Firstly Open the Flash or Recovery Tools
  • Then Locate “TCOM” Application and Click on it to open
  • Select Appropriate Port COM under Com_Connection
  • Leave “Baudrate To 115200” And Click on Open
  • Click on “UPG” (Opening Upgrade Interface)
  • Select project Type “Sonata-DDR2” for Freesat V7, V7 Max, V7 Combo while “Sonata-DDR3” for freesat V8 Super, V8 Golden and V8 Angel
  • Click the right box with dot on “UPG File” to select the appropriate Freesat or GT Media Software or firmware in BIN format e.g Freesat_V7_HD.bin and click open
  • Click On Start, Power on your decoder and wait for decoder to Check for connections and Initialize the upgrading and after few seconds it will start upgrading and It will indicate at the log sections for upgrading information.
  • After upgrading finish and decoder will automatic reboot itself and that’s how to upgrade or flash Freesat V7 or V8 decoder using Flash or recovery tools even some may call it PC tools.