Why Watching IPTV Is Ilegal In Europe But Legal In Other Region?

What Is IPTV And Is It Legal, Legal IPTV Subscription Services, Free Live streaming Services?

Certainly, IPTV is the future television as it provides the solution to the problem of watching live channels on the move as previously stated in my posts on what is IPTV? Why is it Legal in Europe? But legal in other countries. let’s critical examine the problem involved.

What Is IPTV?

IPTV simply means Internet Protocol Television which can be regarded as for any digital television that’s broadcast across the Internet rather than through normal satellite and cable platforms.

IPTV takes numerous forms based on mode of operations which includes:

  • Plugins for apps like Plex, Live TV, Playstation Vue, Kodi, Youtube
  • Free Live TV via Website
  • Third-party Free App like Modro, LiveNet, SolidStream, Cruise TV, Swift Stream, TV Tap Pro.
  • Third-Party IPTV Subscription Services like MYHD, Apollo, QHDTV, Platinum e.t.c
  • Online-Only TV Channels such as Cheddar TV
  • Online-only TV Legal IPTV Provider like DSTV Now, StarTimes ON, Sling TV, DirecTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e.t.c.


Is IPTV Legal?

To answer this question, IPTV Legality will be based on which platform do you adopt for watching channels that will determine whether it is ilegal or legal.

Using online-only TV Providers like DStv Now or StarTimes is fully legal in Nigeria as long as you have active subscription with them likewise Sling, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e.t.c.

AT & T is legal in America owns by DirecTV while Sling TV is controlled by Dish Network.

Using Free and Premium third-party IPTV Services are also legal in some country (Some times most of the apps using geo-blocking to prevent their contents from unauthorized users outside their footage).

Legal IPTV Websites In UK and America

Legal IPTV Streaming Services are available for free in United Sta
te and United Kingdom, most them are USTV, ESPN and TVPlayer respectively.

However, There are footy fan out there who know some websites that offer free live streaming services for watching their favorite team in action either during the weekend or mid-week matches.

IPTV Plugins

These plugins gives users access to Video on demand (VOD) and free live streaming services, Some of these plugins are legal provided by official company like Youtube while Exodus, Cloud TV, Red Bull TV, please note that using some illegal plugins without VPN is not good enough because ISP(Internet Service Provider) may track you, Learn about more useful plugins or Addons.

Any website or a Company in the United State can be held responsible for distributing unlicensed content if it is explicitly stated or encourages their users to infringe copyright according to the Supreme Court ruling under the “inducement rule” in 2005.

Illegal IPTV Subscription Service

Tons of IPTV Subscription Services are available on websites like leadcool, facebook, twitter, reddit, Nairaland price are determine by the quality of the channels and services offered either through web or apps for set-top boxes like Android TV Box, Amazon Fire stick, Smart TV and Roku devices.

These providers offering this kind services are putting themselves at risk of facing infringement copyright which can leads to prosecution.

What Will Be My Faith As End User Using Ilegal IPTV

In Europe

In April 2017, A decision was taken by the EU court of Justice which stated that “streaming copyrighted content without the correct permissions or valid subscription is against the law“.

Suppose a copyright owner notices infringements or suspects the IP address which belongs to someone who’s watching an illegal stream, they can take out a court law to force the user’s ISP to reveal their personal identity. As a result of this, the copyright owner will reach the viewer and drag to the court of law which may later leads to jail or pay ransom which may leads debit for you and your grand children.

If you search through internet, you will see tons of people who already have similar case and from there you will discover the amount of money payed for fine.

In United States

There are numerous arguments on social media which state that streaming copyrighted materials is not illegal as far as you didn’t download it or viewing it in the public, hotel, schools, airport e.t.c.

In 2012, The Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) win a case after sued a woman and payed fine worth $220,000 for illegal downloading songs.

Do End User Have Any Legal Defense?

The best way you can be safe from any infringements the copyright owner since we aren’t lawyer using “safe harbor” as it protects intermediaries against infringements of which they aren’t aware read more about Digital Millennium Copyright Act outlines.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, There are some IPTV which is legal (allow to use) while some is illegal. One needs to be very much careful to identify the illegal IPTV subscription services to prevent yourself from facing the law as we all know that your activities are tracked by ISP. you are strongly advice to adopt VPN to protect your real personal information.


What is IPTV, Legality, Mode Of Opertaions And Benefits

IPTV, IPTV Legality, IPTV Services

If you’re hearing IPTV for the first time, believe me you missed a lot as far as entertainment or sport is concerned. You may be worrying about these questions: Is IPTV legal or illegal, how does it work, and to where to buy genuine IPTV?

And Whether you like it or not, IPTV is the future television because it is the fastest growing television with different providers and services coming up offering great services.

What is IPTV, Legality Status, Mode of Operations, IPTV Services And the benefits of using IPTV.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, IPTV Legality, IPTV Services

To start with basic level, what do really means IPTV?

The acronyms of IPTV is (Internet Protocol Television). And The word “IP” stands for IP address or VoIP(voice over IP). in short, It simply means watching television program using internet protocol (without satellite dish antenna).

To clear your misconceptions or to understand what that means, you need to know how satellite tv work as it is stated here. Be it satellite or cable tv send out signal to the viewers which are limited to watch what’s being paid for, unless you have recording receiver or device to playback what’s available stored on your device.

In case of IPTV, it is totally different, instead of sending signal content via satellite, IPTV are independent on the satellite tv usually transmitting signal to your tv.

Most of the IPTV are also available on Video on demand (VOD) or time-shifted media platform which enable the subscriber to demand for a matter a particular contents and send to you immediately as long as you are active subscriber. such IPTV Service Provider includes Sling, Netflix or Hulu.

Using Set-top box like Mecool KM9 Pro makes it easier for the providers to roll out new services, products, promotional offer and as well as fix and updates issues on their services offering to the subscribers. IPTV requires a great deal of bandwidth to transmit a large of data at high speed which is known as “Hybrid IPTV” approach.

Mode Of Operations

IPTV are categorically working on three different format which as follows:


You can watch tv shows or live satellite broadcasting television on the go without dish antenna, Many people out there watch footy events and stream game on smartphone such channels available on streaming platforms are Skysports, Bein Sports, AFN Network, ESPN, Fox Sport, CBS Sport e.t.c.

Video On Demand

These are the streaming contents demand from the subscriber once you request for it, It will be send to you instantly based on your subscription such providers includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu.

Time-shifted Media

VOD (Video On Demand) and Time-Shifted Media almost the same because it ha to do with the time, how long you are able to watch a show or movies after it has been transmitted or released to the public. You can go back on Time-Shifted contents to watch an episode of a tv show you missed many month ago while uch content will be available on VOD.

IPTV Services

IPTV Services are available in different types, irrespective, you must be long to anyone of these IPTV services below:

Official or Formal IPTV Services

Undoubtedly, IPTV is getting famous and bigger as matter of facts, IPTV is a business venture on its own just like Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Foxtel, Stan Amazon Video Prime services e.t.c. these company offer variety of IPTV Services and design it in different package based on your interest and budget

Semi-IPTV Services

Another IPTV Services includes downloading official app offered by satellite company to make channels accessible on the go such as ESPN, Bein Sport, Sky Sport App, DStv Now, Startimes ON and many more for live sports, local streaming contents and many more, Though you may need to sign up with your existing subscription in order to get access to their streaming contents.

Informal IPTV Service

This services is available in different ways, the first one is totally free but the source of the services is indirectly used for monetization and hacking such as those blog or website provided free download IPTV Services while the second one is, Premium IPTV Services which are available and compatible with many device either via purchasing their premium app or codes with due date like MYHD IPTV or visit lead cool for different IPTV Services.

Is IPTV legal or illegal?

To explain the legality of IPTV, ones needs to be very careful because “one man poison is another man favorite food” and it is a wide scope that suppose to have a dedicated articles but not withstanding I will like to contribute based on my experience.

Previously, IPTV was illegal in almost everywhere and due to technological advantages and rapid growing of IPTV Services, Many big satellite company with copyright owners of the satellite channels now transmitting their channels via IPTV such as ESPN, CBS Sports, Bein Media, DStv, Startimes. These companies also get revenue from selling their contents to another company like Hulu, Youtube, Sling, Netflix and many more.

Yet, watching and re-transmitting of downloaded and streaming copyright content in hotel, bar, Hospital and open space leads to illegal as matter of facts Hollywood movies and others sporty bodies take strong objections and copyright laws to whoever break it may ends up in jail or leave a burden of debit for your grandchildren. for more details and read different opinion and contribution about the IPTV legality visit here. so don’t take it with levity handed and let’s adopt safe harbor which protects intermediaries against infringements of which they’re not aware by take your time to read outlines Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

List of Legal IPTV

  1. Hulu + Live TV
  2. Sling TV
  3. Pluto TV
  4. DirecTV Now
  5. DSTV Now
  6. Startimes ON Live Streaming App
  7. USTV Now
  8. BBC iPlayer
  9. Playstation Vue
  10. Youtube
  11. TV Player
  12. Zatoo
  13. Stan
  14. Kayo
  15. Foxtel Now
  16. Amazon Prime Video
  17. Fetch TV
  18. Lebara Play
  19. Flip TV
  20. TV Catch-up

Ilegal IPTV

Ilegal IPTV can be regarded as the use of streaming service on unsupported countries. Therefore, to use ilegal IPTV in these countries, then you need to use VPN services to bypass IP address of that particular countries. Here are the best choice of best VPN:

Final Verdicts

IPTV offering Internet based television via strong internet services either using set-top box, mobile, roku, playstation, PC e.t.c. IPTV services seems in different nature. To identify the legality has to do with source i.e IPTV services provider and lastly, the world will soon adopt IPTV, It is legal in some countries while it is still ilegal in other way round.