How To Track On Hornsport On NSS 12 At 57E & Thaicom 5 At 78.5e

How To Track Hornsat Sport On NSS 12 At 57e, Hornsat Frequency,

Learn How To Track Hornsport On Nss 12 At 57e And Thaicom 5 At 78.5e, Dish Size, Frequency And Symbol Rate

Free-to-air Sport is not easy to get this moment in Africa most especially West African Countries, simply because DStv is operating in the region where english language is their official language while Canalsat operates in french countries but today hornsat or hornsport is the topic of the day.

Origin Of Hornsat

Hornsat is a Somalian based satellite free-to-air service (broadcast their content without encryption), Hornsat Sport covers EPL, Champions League, Italia SerieA, LA liga, Uefa Cup, others areas of delivering free-to-air service includes Movies, Series, Drama, Kids, Music, Shopping, TV Shows and Islamic shows.

Hornsat and hornsport on Thaicom 6 At 78.5e
Hornsat Sport During Europa Cup Between Arsenal VS Napoli

Geographically, Hornsat derived from the region called “Horn of Africa” because Somalia situated in the horn of Africa that lies along the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden, In short, This is where Hornsat originate.

Hornsat Satellite, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate:

It operates in two different satellite position i.e NSS 12 At 57e (KU Band) and Thaicom 6 At 78.5e (C-band ) sharing the same position with Mcot HD using 90cm dish antenna for NSS 12 At 57e (KU Band) only for East Africa while Thaicom 6 At 78.5e are for Africa and Asian beam. African Countries will needs 8Ft or 2.4m dish above to get Hornsat as shown below:

Hornsat Beam C-Band For Thaicom 6 At 78.5e, Frequency, Polarization & Symbol  Rate
Image Credit By Lyngsat.com

Satellite, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate:

Satellite: NSS 12 At 57e

Frequency: 11105

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol rate: 45000

Satellite: Thaicom 6 At 78.5e

Frequency: 4152

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 8681

Requirement for Installation Of Hornsat Sport

  • 90cm dish (south-east Africa) or 8ft or 2.4m dish antenna (Africa beam)
  • KU Band or C-band depend on which satellite you want to install or track
  • Digital Satellite receiver
  • Satfinder or Signal finder
  • No need to insert plate inside C-band LNB if you are tracking Thaicom 6 at 78.5e
How To Track Hornsat Sport On NSS 12 At 57e, Hornsat Frequency,
Hornsat Sport Dish Set Up On NSS 12 At 57e

How To Track Hornsat Sport On NSS 12 At 57e (South-East Africa) Using Small Dish Antenna:

  • Firstly, You have to connect your dish antenna to signal finder or receiver
  • Then, Enter hornsat Frequency 11105 H 45000
  • Start hunting the signal towards downward till you hit signal
  • Tight your dish and try to adjust your LNB by twisting to increase the signal and start scanning
  • Then You are done tracking Hornsat on Nss 12 At 57e

Alternatively, How To Track Hornsat Sport On NSS 12 At 57e Using Big Dish Antenna:

  • Firstly, Track Sport 24HD on Frequency 4095 R 30000 Using C-band LNB and track to get to get sport 24HD Channel with maximum signal strength
  • Replace the C-band LNB or attach KU Band LNB on the top of the C-band whilst your dish facing East side using rope or cable or anything that can hold the KU Band LNB firmly and make sure that LNB aligned with C-Band LNB
  • Enter Hornsat Frequency 11105 H 45000 into your receiver or signal finder
  • Now raise your dish back to the spot where you get Sport 24HD Channel, Then Hornsat Signal will pop up, note that you may needs to twist or adjust the KU LNB to increase the signal strength
  • Once you have successfully get Hornsat Signal, Tight your dish and start scanning

How To Track Hornsat Sport On Thaicom 6 At 78.5e Using Big Dish Antenna (C-Band) LNB:

  • After the connection of C-band LNB on your dish Antenna with Cable
  • First of all, Search for Sony Entertainment Network On Intelsat 68,5e Using Frequency 3900 R 22222 with highest signal strength achieved
  • Now switch to Hornsat satellite on Thaicom 6 at 78.5e using frequency 4152 H 8681
  • Drop your dish down after Sony Entertainment Network on Intelsat 68.5e till Thaicom 6 At 78.5e signal comes up, Some times, you may need to shift your dish towards right
  • Tight your dish and scan the channels
  • Then you are finish with Hornsat Sport Installation
Channels List
Hornsat Channels List On NSS 12 At 57e

Hornsat Channels List On NSS 12 At 57e & On Thaincom 6 At 78.5e

The channels includes:

  1. HornSport 1 (beinsport 1)
  2. Hornsat Action
  3. Hornsat Series
  4. Drama
  5. Hornsat Kids
  6. Hornsat Music
  7. Shopping
  8. Horn Cable TV
  9. Hornsat TV Shows
  10. Islamic
  11. Hornsat Hindi


Hornsat Channels derived from the origin word “Horn of Africa” as the nick name or alias given to somalia, Hornsat Channels are completely Free-to-air channels available on NSS 12 At 57e for East for Africa Ku Band beam while on Thaicom 6 At 78.5 e for the rest of Africa C-band beam and the frequency are stated above including the Installation tutorials on how to track hornsport on the two satellite. Read my tutorial on how to increase your signal strength of your dish Antenna if you are facing signal issues. Don’t forget to share this tutorials with your friends and across social media. Thanks see you again.