2019 NBA Summer League: Schedule, Venue & How To Watch

2019 NBA Summer League: Schedule, Venue & How To Watch

2019 NBA Summer League, debuted the Salt Lake City Summer League and California Summer League in Las Vegas, Nevada. 2019 NBA Summer League Kicked-off last Friday yesterday. It schedule from July 5 to July 15, The tournament will features 30 Teams including national teams from China and Croatia.

All the teams will play at least four games during the preliminary stage start July 5-11. later on, It proceeds to the elimination stage features with top eight teams from July 13-15. The remaining 24 teams that do not qualify for the tournament plays consolation game start from July 12-14.

Facts About Las Vega 2019 Summer League

  • Schedule: July 5-15
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Number of Teams: 30 Teams Including National Teams From China And Croatia
  • Streaming: sign up for FuboTV (NBA TV) and ESPN
  • Satellite TV: AFN Sport (For Troops) and Varzesh TV on Yahsat 1A at 52.5e

2019 NBA Summer League Schedule: Fixtures, Date & Time

Note: All times in Eastern

Saturday, July 6

1. Oklahoma City Thunder VS.  Utah Jazz3pm
2. Portland Trail Blazers VS. Detroit Pistons3:30pm
3. Atlanta Hawks VS. Milwaukee Bucks5pm
4. Boston Celtics  VS. Philadelphia 76ers5:30pm
5. Memphis Grizzlies  VS.  Indiana Pacers7pm
6. Los Angeles Clippers  VS. Los Angeles Lakers7:30pm
7. Dallas Mavericks VS.  Houston Rockets9pm
8. New Orleans Pelicans VS.  Washington Wizards10pm
9. Chinese National Team vs. Sacramento Kings11pm
10. Toronto Raptors  VS. Golden State Warriors12pm

Sunday, July 7

1. San Antonio Spurs VS. Charlotte Hornets3:30pm
2. Brooklyn Nets VS. Croatian National Team4pm
3. Minnesota Timberwolves VS. Atlanta Hawks5:30pm
4. Denver Nuggets VS. Orlando Magi6pm
5. Chicago Bulls VS. Cleveland Cavaliers7:30pm
6. Utah Jazz VS. Miami Heat8pm
7. New York Knicks VS. Phoenix Suns,9:30pm
8. Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trail Blazers10pm
9. Memphis Grizzlies VS. Los Angeles Clippers11:30pm

Monday, July 8

1. Oklahoma City Thunder VS. Philadelphia 76ers3pm
2. Sacramento Kings VS. Dallas Mavericks3:30pm
3. Indiana Pacers VS. Detroit Pistons5pm
4. Washington Wizards VS. Brooklyn Net5:30pm
5. San Antonio Spurs VS. Toronto Raptors7pm
6. Cleveland Cavaliers VS. Boston Celtics7:30pm
7. Milwaukee Bucks VS. Minnesota Timberwolves9pm
8. New Orleans Pelicans VS. Chicago Bull9:30pm
9. Chinese National Team vs. Charlotte Hornets11pm
10 Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers11:30pm

Tuesday, July 9

1. Croatian National Team VS. Oklahoma City Thunder3:30pm
2. Miami Heat VS. Orlando Magic4pm
3. Indiana Pacers VS. Atlanta Hawks5:30pm
4. Portland Trail Blazers VS. Utah Jazz6pm
5 Phoenix Suns VS. Memphis Grizzlies7:30pm
6. Denver Nuggets VS. Boston Celtics8pm
7. New York Knicks VS. Toronto Raptors9:30pm
8. Sacramento Kings VS. Houston Rockets10pm
9. Los Angeles Clippers VS. Washington Wizards11:30pm

Wednesday, July 10

1. Philadelphia 76ers VS. Detroit Pistons3pm
2. Croatian National Team VS. Dallas Mavericks3:30pm
3. Charlotte Hornets VS. Chicago Bulls5pm
4. Orlando Magic VS. Brooklyn Nets5:30pm
5. Minnesota Timberwolves VS. Miami Heat7pm7pm
6. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Orleans Pelicans7:30pm
7. San Antonio Spurs VS. Phoenix Suns9pm
8. Los Angeles Lakers VS. New York Knick9:30pm
9. Chinese National Team VS. Milwaukee Bucks11pm
10. Golden State Warriors VS. Denver Nuggets11:30pm

Thurdasy, July 11

1. Toronto Raptors VS. Indiana Pacers6pm
2. Atlanta Hawks VS. Washington Wizards6:30pm
3. Portland Trail Blazers VS. Oklahoma City Thunder8pm
4. Utah Jazz VS. Houston Rockets8:30pm
5. Sacramento Kings VS. Los Angeles Clippers10pm
6. Boston Celtics VS. Memphis Grizzlie10:30pm

Friday, July 12 

Data not Available

Saturday, July 13 

Data not not available


Sunday, July 14

Data not available

Monday, July 15

Data not available

Note the rest schedule for game fixtures and time will be fix based on the team qualify for the elimination stages. visit official NBA Summer League website page for daily guide.

2019 NBA Summer League: Schedule, Venue & How To Watch

How To Watch 2019 Las Vega NBA Summer League Live Streaming And Free TV

ESPN is the official TV rights broadcaster of 2019 NBA Summer League. The games schedule on ESPN U, ESPN and NBA official TV. It is not possible for one channels to show all the games. That’s why three channels were dedicated for watch 2019 NBA Summer League.

AFN Sport will also be joining one of the core channels stated above to broadcast the games for troops. Troops within US or outside can watch 2019 NBA Summer League live on AFN Sport. Though not possible to watch all the game on AFN Sport. But at least the big events will be available on AFN Sport.

NBA Fans from Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, China, Australia and so on. You can watch 2019 NBA Summer League on Varzesh TV on Yahsat 1A at 52.5e, Irib on Badr 5 at 26e or AFN Sport on Eutelsat 9A at 9e, SES 5 at 5e.

Due to geo-restricted, if you have active subscription or sign up with free trial, VPN is the best to use to change your IP address to the U.S to get access to ESPN+ content.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) can secure you from ISP to access your internet activities. With VPN, You can change your country IP address to any country of your choice. For instances, Using ESPN outside U.S is prohibited, as a matter of fact, You will be blocked to access the content unless you connect to U.S or any other countries IP address within their territory. You can subscribe to any one of the following VPN’s.

  1. EXPRESS VPN: This vpn is the best ever according to many blogger review. Your Personal information is secured using Express VPN while online. It can unblock your IP address or any restriction site. Support Mobile Phones, Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and many more. Subscribe now for 1year and get 3month free at $6.67/month and save 49% with 30 days Money back guaranteed.
  2. IPVanish VPN: This VPN is cheaper than Express VPN, However, 100% personal information secured and connect up to 10 devices at once. Subscribe to 1year and get 3month free at $5.19/month
  3. Nord VPN: It good for online streaming with smartplay features. This makes greatest with affordable price at $2.99/month. You can subscribe now.

This how you can watch 2019 NBA Summer League (Las Vegas, Nevada) live on AFN Sport, Varzesh. And Live Streaming on NBA, ESPN using Fubo TV or ESPN Subscription.


How To Watch 2019 Women’s World Cup Live On AFN Sport For Free

2019 Women's World Live On AFN Sport

It’s been an exciting and wonderful event as 2019 Women’s World cup to kick off semi-finals games tonight. The eighth edition of the tournament continue is France. Four teams in war for the biggest prize as rewards in football. No matter where you are in the world, our tonight guide below for watching 2019 Women’s World Cup live on AFN Sport Network (The only Satellite TV showing the matches for free) In U.S, Canada, Australia, UK, Nigeria.

It is reported that 720, 000 tickest has been sold out and it is still selling for the semi-finals and the finals. If you want to know where you can watch the match 2019 Women’s World Cup for free on satellite tv tutorial.

Women’s World Cup Schedule

All times given in local Western African Time (WAT)


Tuesday July 02England VS USA8pm
Wednesday July 03Netherlands VS Sweden8pm

Third-place Playoff

Saturday July 06Runner-up in Semi-finalists6pm


Sunday July 07Semi-finalist Winner6pm

AFN Network is an American Force Network offering digital satellite tv service, The coverage of AFN Sport covers Africa, America, Europe, Asian And Pacific. One needs to choose the appropriates satellite nearest to his location for easy installation.

Watch Women's World Cup Live On AFN Sport Network For Free

How To Watch Women’s World Cup: Live On AFN Sport Network

To watch Women’s World Cup live on Satellite tv or AFN Sport for free, You have point your dish to either Eutelsat 9A at 9e or Astra 5e at 5e with respect to the dish size. Below are the steps by steps guide on how to do Installation of your dish antennae.

Requirement For Dish Installation

  • Minimum of 1.8m dish above
  • C-band LNB with Di-electric plate wrapped with black tape
  • Signal Finder
  • PowerVU Receiver Like Tigerstar T245+ Lazer or any other digital receiver support PowerVU Autorole.


How To Track AFN Sport Network On SES 5 At 5e

  • After you have connected the cable from the LNB to Receiver
  • Then Proceeds to track Occa Africa or Globe Cast on Eutelsat 5 West using frequency 3727 R 29950 and make sure you achieve high signal quality at least 80% above
  • Now Enter AFN Network Frequency On SES 5 At 5e using 3800 R 27500
  • Raise your dish above towards facing east side and set your eyes on signal finder for signal to come up
  • Once the signal is achieve at high signal quality rate minimum of 75% above
  • Then tight your dish very well and start scanning by choosing “Blind Scan” under scan mode or scan type
  • Once finish scanning press exit to the screen and enjoying your favorite tv show from Nigerian local channels and as well on AFN Network

Alternately, For Motorized Dish

  • Just Enter AFN Network Frequency 3800 R 27500 on SES 5 at 5e
  • Tune your dish up to face sky till signal come up
  • Save the Position on your Motorized Jack
  • Proceed to scan preferably use “Blind Scan”
  • Press Exit to the home screen and enjoying your tv shows

How To Track or Install AFN Sport Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9e

  • Firstly, If you are a beginner you are advice to learn on how to install satellite tv dish
  • Connect Your dish to Signal finder or Satfinder
  • Track Peace TV on Eutelsat 7A At 7e on frequency 12605 V 30000 (LNB at 3 O’clock).
  • Tight your dish base and inclination a little bit after hitting signal at the top signal quality
  • Then, twist your LNB and place at 10 O’Clock don’t forget to remove the plastic cover on your LNB.
  • Manually enter AFN Network Frequency on 11804 H 27500
  • Drop your dish a little bit down and keep your eyes on the signal finder or Satfinder to get signal point
  • After you get signal, Tight your dish base and as well as the inclination without lost signal and some time you may need to twist your LNB to get high signal quality.
  • Manually scan or preferably use blindscan to get access to AFN Network and other channels on Eutelsat 9A/9B at 9e.
  • After Successful scanning, Press exist button to return to home screen and enjoying your favorite tv show.

You have no excuse not watch 2019 Women’s World Cup, You can watch the following TV shows on AFN Network

  • Widows on AFN Spectrum on Friday evening
  • UFC 2019 on AFN Sport 1 and 2
  • News within U.S and outside on AFN News
  • Nat and Liv one Every thrusday on AFN pulse

Don’t forget to study the Satellite information provided for each region to determined the dish size, satellite, frequency for easy installation of satellite dish and antenna. And you need PowerVU Autorole receiver to Watch 2019 Women’s Wold Cup for free.