Satellite Dish Not Working: Why And How To Fix The Problems

Satellite Dish Not Working And How To Fix Satellite Dish Signal

Preparing to watch the greatest two finals in this summer, Later you realized that satellite Dish not working or No signal. This is embarrassing, Don’t worry this post will guide you to analyzes the reasons that could be arise why your satellite dish not working and how to fix satellite dish signal problem or no signal. Let’s examine them one after the others

Reasons Why Your Satellite Dish Not Working And How To Fix It

No Signal On Satellite Dish

To get maximum signal level, Then your satellite dish needs to be aligned correctly to avoid loss of signal, It is not proper to align a satellite dish by eyesight alone or by mere looking at the others house’s satellite dish. simply because of the way they work and the transponders/frequencies that they use. There’s a big differences between a signal with good quality signal and no signal at all. Increase or little adjustment to realign your satellite dish already knocked off direction could be the reason why your satellite dish not working and this is how to fix satellite dish signal problem.

You need to understand and keep in mind the following, The elevation and the screw, The east and the west, The adjustment on the LNB itself. For instances, Beoutq and Sky both faces East and this explain deviation off due south. Due to the fact that it is beaming the signals down to the earth from an angle. Adjustment must be made on the satellite dish to make rooms for this. And the LNB itself explain the phenomena of vertical and horizontal polarized signals to fix satellite dish signal problem. Anyway here are some tutorials on watch European and US TV.

Satellite dish not working or no signal, Suppose you want to try it by yourself, It is highly recommend to use signal finder or TV Spectrum analyzer as you can watch everything on the screen when the high quality signal is achieved. Surely, Not everybody owns or have access to satellite alignment tools. It can be purchased via online or local shops. Make sure you have idea of what direction you are pointing the dish as important.

How To Determine The Location Where Dish To Face

To fix satellite dish not working or fix no signal problem, You’ve to determine where to point your dish, then you need to satellite co-ordinates like dishpointer for easy installation, You just need to enter your postcode and the satellite you wish to install or use, And it will give you all the information on both east and west alignment angle, the elevation and the screw adjustment. It will help you with indication of line of signal for you to use as a reference.

I strongly recommend using compass and inclinometer while making attempt to aligning your satellite dish. Don’t forget to consider the allowances differences differences due south and magnetic south usually change.

Weathering/Waterlogged Cables

Due to the facts that satellite antenna needs to be install outside and because LNB requires satellite receiver to work together as a unit. It is good to cover all the connection made to the coaxial and the LNB itself. To avoid satellite dish signal problems, There should be adequate weatherproofing measures put in place to prevent any rainwater onto the inside of the cable. Here are the common ways to prevent weatherproofing or waterlogged.

A. It is very easy for water to get inside the coaxial cables if the weatherproofing cover on the LNB is pulled down, Most especially when you are in seaside or coastal region, You have to ensure that the cover on the LNB is well placed down.

B. The F-connector is expensive and requires specific tools to put them onto the cable for tight connection. One need to use weatherproof F connectors.

C. Ensure that silicone grease are pour on the top of weatherproof plugs and other connections joint. I strong recommend it for satellite engineer in order to keep the outside of the plugs in perfect order.

D. Ensure that you put amalgamating tape to the top joins and to ensure a good weatherproof. Suppose your satellite signal is not working and you realized that the connectors themselves are waterlogged. cut off the affected part to make another cable connectors. If you see that the inside of the cable has rust, wet and partial contact, It will be good replace the whole of the cable.

Satellite dish Obstruction

Obstructions Or Trees Blocking The Satellite Signal

Why your satellite dish not working, Obstructions could be a barrier, For Instances Trees, Storey buildings, Mass Communication Antenna and others can block your satellite dish installed nearby this obstructions. It can affect your signal if placed above the Satellite dish.

For your satellite dish to work perfectly, You need clear the obstructed trees, or move your dish itself higher than the trees. You can move the dish away from the obstructed buildings or trees. In any circumstances, A good satellite dish installer or technician needs to consider the location where dish would be mounted. And free from obstructions And this is one the way on how to fix satellite dish signal problems or fix no signal issue.

The following are the temporary obstruction of satellite dish:

  • A nearby Scaffold
  • Cobweb spread either on the dish or inner side of the LNB

The best solution to this problem, You need to clear and clean the particles made by the spiders or any other insects. Also by removing the scaffolds nearness to your satellite dish.

Faulty LNB

It is very much possible that the LNB itself has become faulty and leads to why your satellite dish not working. This is similar to any others electrical devices that can just develop a fault for unceremonious reasons. Satellite dish not working or no signal so long and suddenly fail. Faulty LNB’s can be liable and responsible for it.

There are some LNB’s that develop fault and still appear as if it doesn’t faulty. It can be very much difficult to diagnosing these type of faults. even if you own or borrow high performance test tools as you often check the satellite signals and realized that everything is in order.

If your satellite dish is well aligned and accurate with no obstructions blocking the signal with no significant weathering disorder and during the night seems not to be cloudy when properly checked.

I would strongly advice that the LNB should be replaced. For instance, It happened to me one day while re-aligning the client dstv dish, I worked lengthy, signal seems to be ok on my sat meter but when i try to test the signal on dstv decoder it fail to scan the channels, Later I suggest remove the LNB and test it again. then dstv is able to scan and everything is perfect.

Having said that faulty LNB’s can also be responsible for you lost signal on your dish and it is not easy to diagnose in certain situation than to replace the faulty LNB. And this is how to fix satellite dish signal problems.

Electrical Storms Thunder, And Heavy Rain

Satellite signal reflected back to the earth surface from the satellite in space. Atmospherics and weather conditions can also affect your satellite TV reception. Most importantly cloud rather, electrical storms and heavy rain. The radio wave is an electrical conductor. Radio waves can pass through through conductor, rain and storms. This can also cause why your satellite dish not working.

To fix satellite signal problems or No signal, Certainly, the signal usually comes back after the rain because the storms ceases the signal. If you often lost signal when there’s little rainfall. Then I will recommend you to try any larger satellite dish to increase the signal quality in small amount.

As far as thunder is concern, This usually happened in every, As it is caused by lightening and thunder. It is not possible for thunder to strike without lightening first. whenever there’s lightening, It makes the way for thunder to strike and enter through LNB and later to any connected devices. It caused damage to the LNB either you are watching during the rain or power off. That’s why your satellite dish not working after raining.

To fix the satellite signal problems, I will recommend you to disconnect any home appliances connected to the satellite dish or from the wall socket.

Why Satellite dish signal not wrking

Poorly Disconnected Cables

Why your satellite dish not working! This often occurs as a result of short cable connection between the LNB or receiver. There’s chance for negative charges of the coaxial cable to touch the positive conductor. This would cause the flow of direct current (DC) flowing up to the LNB from the Satellite receiver. This can also cause hardware problem to receiver and leads to why your satellite dish not working.

Other common problem involves poorly disconnected cables includes:

  • Centre conductor is too short and there’s partial connection
  • Plug completely loss the connection
  • Incorrect size of the plug for the cable

To fix satellite dish signal problems in this situation, You have to use enough coaxial cable without any joined. Ensure tight connect between the cable and F-connector and make sure you use original cable satellite TV dish.

Broken Satellite Dish

Since satellite signals are beamed down to earth from satellites in space. It later reflected by the bit round or oval part of the satellite dish antenna through the LNB. If any part of the satellite dish is bent or completely rusty. This can cause the satellite signals to lost any part of the dish. The LNB would not be able to catch any signal

Similarly, If the LNB sit or holder is slightly faulty and can’t hold the LNB perfectly. This could result to the reason why you satellite dish not working. It is advisable to replace the damaged LNB holder.

External Electrical Interference Generated From RF/EMI

Why your satellite dish not working, This often occurs under faulty conditions and should be reported to whomever behind the scene for though checking happens in your environment. Many phones operators or Network providers that use frequencies with the satellite intermediate frequency band (IF).

However, Once in a while, there’s chance for your satellite TV reception to get affected. And you may need to relocate your dish. To fix the satellite dish signal problem, I will recommend to change or replace the LNB with a inbuilt LTE filter components.

Others satellite dish signal problems includes high gained signal. This is rare situation, If the coaxial cable is connected to high gained LNB, there’s chance for you to experience loss of signal. So you have to use a signal attenuator to convert the DC to the normal one that satellite TV uses.

Avoid using more than one joint, Because if the joint is more than one. Then there’s chance to loose signal on your satellite TV. These are the reasons why your satellite dish not working and how to fix satellite dish signal problems. If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and across social media.



Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K Review, Specs And Price

Tigerstar T3000 Mega Receiver

The Best Selling Satellite And Android IPTV Receiver In 2019

Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver now available in the market. Tigerstar really make its efforts and trying their best to meet the standard and as well as upgrading as per technology requires in order to meet the demand of customers. And to compete with other company like Mediastar and Xcruiser with always busying producing new receiver everyday.

Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K Receiver


Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver is the latest digital satellite tv receiver among the family of T3000 series with the same appearance but different content as per new technology requires. It can amplified the weak signal along multi-streaming signal.

Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver support inbuilt Android tv box powered by Hisi768 4K AMR Cortex-A9 CPU, Android 7.19 Operating system, 3GB RAM, 8GB ROM and DDR4 2GB flash Memory, install app via playstore and via USB.

However, Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver fully support HEVC H.265 and 4K video output resolution for high experience in streaming 4K content and satellite tv channels like BeoutQ and other 4K channels are opening on Tigerstar T3000 Mega without Internet.


15month Forever Server Pro.125 capable of opening many satellite tv package such as Canalsat reunion, parabole (south-east africa), ArenaSport HD, SportKlub HD, Albania HD on Eutelsat 16A, Eleven Sport HD, Polsat premium HD, Canal HD, Nova Sport HD on 13e, OSN on Nilesat 7w and fully opening all PowerVu channels like AFN on Eutelsat 9A, Sony Entertainment on Intelsat 68,5, Intelsat 66E, Asiasat 105,5 and also support all biss channels.

Air Sync Remote-Z Function is another features on Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Receiver which allows you to mirror or watch tv content on mobile phone, hence, Tiger T3000 4K Mega can be use to track or adjust dish if signal lost. to download and install visit Google Playstore.

Air Sync Remote-Z On Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K Receiver

Free 12month Apollo IPTV, Top Ten IPTV and MYHD IPTV subscription pre-installed along side with other IPTV Protocol option such as Platinum IPTV, Sham IPTV, Xtreme IPTV, Royal IPTV e.t.c.

Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Specifications

  • DVBS-S2+ OTT fully 4K Receiver
  • Hisi768 4K AMR Cortex-A9 Processor, Octa-core
  • Snapdragon Android 7.19 OS
  • 3GB RAM, 8GB ROM, DDR4
  • Advanced Neon
  • 3D Graphics Processor A52
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • SD and HD videou output format: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p,720p, 1080p and 1080i
  • Support VOD
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, LAN For Network Connectivity
  • Google App Store access
  • External Mouse and Keyboard
  • Free 12month Apollo and MYHD IPTV Subscription
  • Free 15month Forever Server Pro.125
  • 12month Top ten free subscription of the film Library
  • Audio output includes: mp3, aac, wma, rm, mp4, mkv, mov, 3gp, mpg and avi
  • Photo format support: jpeg, gif, bmp,
  • Digital bit stream output (ac-3 or DTS)
  • Diseqc switch 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS
  • USB Upgrade Menu and Online Software Upgrade
  • Online Satellite Key Update
  • Opening BeoutQ without Internet

How To Upgrade, Setup Internet Connection And Activate Forever Server

For Activation of your Tigerstar T3000 Mega Receiver for first use and learn how to activate server, upgrade and internet connection setup click here.

T3000 Mega 4K Price And Availability

The unit price of Tigerstar T3000 Mega is $300 including shipping cost to any African countries but outside African needs to contact me for the price details and usually our delivery service always take 3-7 working days using DHL, FedEX and Aramex as our preferred shipping company.


How To Install Satellite TV Dish And Receiver

How To Install Satellite Tv Dish And Receiver

Do-It-Yourself Guides on How To Install Satellite TV Dish And Receiver

Before I dwell into the today’s tutorial on how to install satellite tv dish and receiver by now you should be able to know what is satellite tv is all about from my previous tutorial here, many people have interest to know how to install satellite tv dish and receiver but don’t know where to get started or get proper knowledge on how to install satellite tv and receiver and here is the opportunity for you just follow me in this tutorial.

Many people out there that become satellite tv installer nowadays doesn’t serve apprenticeship or learn from any body on how to install satellite tv dish and receiver rather than start reading from website and seek advice or support from online friend or social media irrespective your nature of business you can still become an professional satellite tv installer.

Tools Needed For Satellite tv Dish Installation

Here are the lists of compulsory tools needed for the installation of satellite tv dish as follows:

  • A Digital Satellite Tv Finder (recommend) or analog Satellite tv finder
  • Hammer
  • A Drilling Machine with different sizes of bots and nuts tools
  • Screw Driver
  • Spanner (different sizes)
  • Plumb
  • Iron bar (used to remove nail from the wall)


  • A Satellite tv dish minimum of 60cm with complete accessories
  • A Digital Satellite Tv Receiver
  • Low Noise Blockedown (LNB) converter
  • A Coaxial Cable
  • F-Connector
  • AV/HDMI output Cord

Let me proceed by explaining the stated components above so that the tutorial will be of benefits to our reader most especially layman

Satellite TV Dish

Satellite tv dish is a parabolic surface usually in round form and the main function of dish to receive the transmitted signal by the satellite tv service provider such as directv or dstv and satellite tv dish usually connected to the satellite tv receiver through coaxial cable and typical example of satellite tv dish as shown below.

How To Install Satellite Tv Dish And Receiver

Digital Satellite Tv Receiver

A digital satellite tv receiver is a device used to receive signal from the satellite tv dish connected through coaxial cable, the signal can be encrypt by the service provider to prevent unauthorized view and available as free-to-air service channels to their viewers and example of satellite tv receiver as shown below.

Digital Satellite TV Receiver

Low Noise Blockedown (LNB)

Low Noise Blocked Converter called LNB, A hardware attached to the satellite tv dish and block the low frequency whenever there’s high frequency signal. It enable both the satellite tv dish and receiver to detect the signal available in any position, If the LNB is faulty both the dish and satellite tv receiver won’t work perfectly. example of LNB as shown below

Satellite Tv KU Band LNB

Coaxial Cable

This is a cord or a wire connected to the LNB on a satellite tv dish to the receiver and it is usually in black or white color. Example of coaxial cable shown below



F-Connector have a nut head painted with silver and the function of F-Connector gripped the wire firmly and tied the nut to the LNB or receiver as shown below:

F-CONNECTOR: how to install satellite dish

AV/HDMI Output

This cable usually come along when you buy new receiver connected to tv and receiver and example of HDMI/AV shown below


Let’s proceeds to the next step i.e how to install satellite tv dish and receiver after you have familiar with some components as stated.

Note: Selecting dish location is crucial to make dish installation easier you need to choose a place very close to signal location and the dish needs to be free from obstacles such as house, trees and so on.


How To Install Satellite Dish And Receiver

  • Assembling of satellite tv dish.
  • Attach LNB to the dish.
  • Mount of the satellite tv base to the wall using nail or screw with the help of drilling machine.
  • Use Plumb to check the balance of the base before finally screwed.
  • Fix the the dish the base with partial screwed on the neck of dish.
  • Fix the F-connector to the both end of the coaxial cable.
  • Connect the coaxial cable to the LNB and the Digital or Analog Satfinder.
  • Set Frequency, Polarization and Symbol rate.
  • Track dish towards the location of the satellite provider either East or West.
  • Once you hit signal, Tight the nut hold the neck of the dish and the inclination very well to avoid loss of signal.
  • Then Proceeds to scan and change the scan mode/scan type to “Blind Scan” and press ok to start scanning.
  • After successful scanning, press exit to the screen and start watching your favorite channels.


This is the best way to learn how to install satellite tv dish and receiver and if you face any difficulty during the installation of dish feel free to leave comment below or use our site contact form to reach and usually response take less than 24hours and If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends, family and also share across social media thanks and see you in the next episode.