Pro IPTV Premium TV Service: The Best World IPTV

Pro IPTV Premium TV Service: The Best World IPTV

Pro IPTV Premium TV Service App is one of the best IPTV channels with great servers, quality pictures, and channels worldwide. Undoubtedly, African living abroad and who willing to watch local tv shows, series of African movies, and Big Brothers Naija show, here is your chance as Pro IPTV Premium TV Service host of the DStv premium channels. As a result of this, it makes it superb for African living abroad and others who love to watch live sport in English commentary at crystal clear picture.

Pro IPTV Premium TV Service: The Best World IPTV

Pro IPTV Premium TV Service App Key Features:

  • Friendly graphics interface
  • DNS refresh option
  • Unique And Easy Navigation
  • Built-in players for Live TV, Series, Catch Up e.t.c
  • Support Catch Up
  • Support EPG
  • It supports Multi-Screen
  • Subtitle compliance
  • Support Android, Fire Stick, Roku, 
  • Autostart on bootup option
  • Support External player option
  • Speed Test


While opening the app, Pro IPTV Premium TV Service got it right with a superb interface, and the background picture seems cool. You can assume that the company gets the job done with unique features that will discuss later. 

Hardware And Software

The hardware components are of unique features, most especially Speed Test, which allows users to determine the provider’s network’s speed.

Other features include selecting built-in players for categories of channels or making use of external players. Multi-screen allow the users to watch different tv shows at the same time on a TV screen. You can set up parental control and prevent your children from accessing adult channels.

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Pro IPTV Premium TV Service: Channel List

No matter where you from, believe me, Pro IPTV Premium TV App will get you cover. The company has more than 12,500+ channels from different parts of the world, including satellite packages, Movies, Catch Up, and Series. 

Pro IPTV Premium IPTV Service App host more than 85% of the DStv channel by which most of the channels are of the premium package. The channels include All Supersports, African Magic Movies, Mnet Movies, and Big Brother Naija TV Show.

Many other satellite packages are available on the server, such as Bein Media, Sky UK, OSN package, Nova Greece, Cosmote, French, Viasat, Portugal, etc.

Pro IPTV Premium TV Service: The Best World IPTV

NHL, NBA, Tennis, MLS, MLB, and other American sports events are live telecast on ESPN 1, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and Fox Sport. Caribbean countries aren’t left out with their favorite tv shows with respective local languages.

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Where To Download The App?

The Pro IPTV Premium TV Service App is available to download on the following ink:

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Activation Code

Price And Availability

Pro IPTV is available for $95/year, and if you show interesting to buy, feel free to reach me on my site contact or chat me through WhatsApp/Telegram: +2348122176108.

Test Codes As At 10/06/2021

  1. Username: SatGist1, Password: 1234567
  2. Username: SatGist2, Password: 1234567
  3. Username: SatGist3, Password: 1234567
  4. Username: SatGist4, Password: 1234567
  5. Username: SatGist5, Password: 1234567

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  1. Hi
    I am Musoke Moses by the names.I have seen and read about Pro IPTV and i am intrested.
    am requestig for atleast a test active code so that i organise to press in my order when i know
    how it works.
    please you can send me a 24 hour test code or even 12hour can work
    my whatsap number is +256758963450

  2. can you please leave me the information for the free test i want to see the channels how they work and at the same time if i order the service can you send the price? Thank You

  3. I am in North America (New York) and would like all the DSTV channels from Africa especially Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and many more. The muiltichoice channels, African Magic channels and many more

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